VA Loan Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to use my Veteran eligibility to purchase a home. Can you do this for me?

     Answer: Absolutely, this is what I do!

2. I don’t have my certificate of eligibility, can you help me get one?

     Answer: Yes as long we have a DD-214 or Statement of Service we can retrieve your certificate of eligibility electronically
3. I used my VA eligibility to purchase a home before can I use  it to purchase another home?

     Answer: Yes

4. Why is the loan amount higher than the sales price for VA loans?

     Answer: All VA loans have a “funding fee” which is financed on top of the loan amount? This fee negates the need for mortgage insurance

5. I am VA disabled (service related), is there is an additional discount available to me?

     Answer: If you are at least 30% VA disabled, your loan will not have the traditional VA Funding Fee financed on top of the loan amount
6. Can I purchase a home with someone other than my spouse as the co-borrower?

     Answer: Yes but the other applicant must be a veteran as well.

7. I don't live near Newark, Delaware can you still handle my loan?

     Answer: We can handle your loan anywhere in the states of Delaware, Maryland, Pennslyvania, New Jersey and Florida.

8. Can I close my home loan in my home town?

     Answer: Absolutely.

9. How do all those documents get to my local Title Company?

     Answer: FedEx or email.

10. I already applied to another Lender for my Home Loan; do I have to stay with them?

     Answer: No you don't. You can change your mind, and decide who you want to close your loan. Transfer of your loan is an easy process.
11. Can I use my VA eligibility for a Rental Property purchase?

    Answer: No

12. Can I refinance my primary residence using my Veteran benefits?

     Answer: Yes

13. How will I know what the prospective home or my primary residence is worth?

     Answer: We will order an appraisal done by a licensed VA appraiser in your area.

14. Who controls the interest rate on Veteran Mortgages?

     Answer: The market and investors but VA loan rates are typically the same or lower than conventional loans.
15. How will I know what interest rate I will get on my home loan?

     Answer: After submitting the required paperwork, we lock your interest rate the same day.
16. I am a Widow of a Veteran, can I qualify?

     Answer: Yes you can, provided deceased husband died in the line of duty or from a service related cause.
17. I hate to fill out forms online; can I talk to a person?

     Answer: Sure just call me at 302-368-7050 Ext. 101!
19. I don't feel comfortable giving my financial information over the Internet, what can we do?

     Answer: We will do everything over the telephone or in person
21. How long does is take to close my loan?

     Answer: It varies but typically 15 to 30 days after all paperwork is submitted.
22. I am working with a Real Estate this O.K.?

     Answer: No problem.

23. Another lender botched my loan, can I transfer my loan to you?

     Answer: Sure, no problem. Unfortunately, this is all too common.
24. I want to place my loan in your hands, what's next?

     Answer: Call me at 302-368-7050 Ext. 101.
25. I want to move forward with you, what do I tell my Realtor?

     Answer: Ask them to fax a copy of your contract to us at 302-865-8321, and I will give the Realtor a call to coordinate.

26. I just want to talk, can I call you?

     Answer: Sure, please call me at your convenience - 302-368-7050 Ext. 101

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